Corporate Business Etiquette

Every human being is known for their behavior, and this is also a significant parameter where everyone is judged. Business etiquette are minor behavioral quintessences which majorly influences the personality of an individual on professional and personal levels. Though no one is born with the knowledge of personal and professional etiquette, hence grooming yourself through this program will get you that edge in all aspects of your life.

This Business Etiquette training focus on polishing:

Business and Social Etiquette

Learn the new age business and social ettiquette, to add value to your business interactions and make everlasting impressions on the mind of your peers and professional contemporaries. Let your style make statements with an elegant body language, sophisticated style and rich mannerisms.

Fine Dining Etiquette

In today’s professional scenarios, meetings are done and deals are closed on dinner tables. Learn how to flaunt your fine–dining skills and enjoy the taste of success along with the sumptuous meal with this workshop.

Cross-Culture Sensitivity

Keep an open mind while you are dealing with intellectuals from varied cultures. Everybody is possessive about their opinion and closed to the others, which may stir up the cross-cultural sensitivity. Be a smart professional and know how to deal with those differences of opinions without hurting or disrespecting other’s sentiment. This workshop grooms the inner diplomat to deal with such gratuitous situations with smart business acumen.

With the technological advancements, the world is just a global village now. While soaring high in aspirations of taking your brand on a global level, be sensitized about the global norms, markets and etiquette. This workshop provides you with the buffet of social etiquette and protocols, across different cultures and countries to prepare you for the upcoming success stories in your career.

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