Build the Brand U

‘Build the Brand U’ is a two days corporate workshop designed for Personal Branding, Communication, Professional Etiquettes and Personal Development Training. This program is suitable for different levels of corporate employees for their all-encompassing grooming in the professional world. This program can add value at multiple levels.

Campus to Corporate

It is the primary orientation for the enthusiastic professional newbies, who are freshly graduated from college or business institutes. This program fine-tunes their passion with the practical industry scenarios and grooms their capabilities to excel in their respective genre.

Build the X – Factor – The Personal Image Consultant for Men and Women

The concept of X-factor is much beyond the good looks and flaunting branded attire. It also includes your ability and confidence to present yourself with the right attitude, confidence, positive mindset and making your mark during every interaction. This program connects you to your inner self and brings the best out of you.

Create Appropriate Impressions

The first impression usually creates an everlasting impression. Opt for a body image makeover, learn the strategies and their application to leave an impact in your professional circles, clienteles, investors and others.

Passionate Presentation Skill

The secret of passionate presentation skills lies in the art of storytelling. A presentation includes both – the verbal as well as non–verbal communication. A story becomes interesting and worthy when it is weaved in a creative way. Learn the art to brace the adroitness of an impactful presentation.

Executive Presence

Be a go-getter and let your personality sweep everyone off their feet. This program grooms your inner persona and reflects the charisma in you.

Leader the Trendsetter

Leaders are not born, but they are made. They set new trends, become iconic and are known for taking bold decisions. Create the aura of an influential leader to add value to millions of lives through your presence, personality and promise. This leadership training program will help you to get the professional edge.

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