Managerial Effectiveness

A manager is like a pilot or a sailor, who is expected to have the acumen to navigate their respective teams or brands to the pinnacle of success. It’s a humongous challenge to lead a team with responsibilities, since it involves handling and managing human resources, as every human being is different. The effectiveness of a manager depends on how efficiently these resources can be optimized to add value to the organization.

This managerial effectiveness training program understands the potential of managers from the various aspects of corporate hierarchy and grooms them to handle situations with utmost sensitivity.

The different facets of this program cater to:

First Time Managers

First Time Managers are the most enthusiastic ones. They are the dreamers and the doers. However, their energy and enthusiasm should be channelized and groomed properly to provide them with the edge of performers.This session will provide them with the induction program as a manager for their upcoming career.

Team Building & Team Management

The role of the manager is incomplete without the team members. There must be a positive synergy flowing seamlessly between the managers and the team members to ensure the performance of the team.

Create that team bonding experience with the focus on interpersonal skills training to inculcate the sense of oneness amongst every team in general and the members in specific.

Coaching and Mentoring

Though coaching and mentoring seem to be synonymous, there is a fine line between them. Coaching is the act of training performed by an expert to prepare the team or the members of the team for a particular assignment and Mentoring is assisting them with valuable inputs for a significant transition.

Managers need to switch hats as per the demands of situations and this workshop is uniquely designed with the role–plays, and simulations for the managers to understand the moments of switching hats.

Emotional Intelligence

Humans are emotional beings, but what is expected in a professional world is rational emotional intelligence, since both complement each other for a long-term sustainability.

This workshop synchronizes and tunes both the aspect of the managers for an ethical clarity in their work and personal life.

Time Management and Goal Setting

Time is money and money is valuable and deadlines are crucial for the sake of goodwill. Time Management and Goal Setting are two important parameters where the competency of the managers are weighed. This time management training program has been tailor-made to sensitize the managers on the practical aspects of designing realistic goals, prioritizing the deliverables and evaluating self-management principles in every walk of their personal and professional life.

Stress Handling

Stress is the twenty-first-century monster, consistently robbing the peace of mind. Learn different ways of handling stress at work and create a perfect work-life harmony for a fulfilling and successful career and personal life.

The sense of being innovative is a prelude to the success of managers and this depends on their creative quotient. With time, a manager requires self-reviews and this workshop empowers the managers with the sense of self–assurance and understanding the process of integrating innovation and creativity in the course of professional advancements.

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