Personal Image Consulting

This is a highly effective and tailor-made capsule on personal image management, designed for a 360-degree personality and image makeover. In our life, we need to juggle numerous hats at a different point in time and while doing that, we usually tend to ignore ourselves. This program not only helps you to discover your hat and also flaunt that with elegance.

Personal Image Consulting Services includes the following sections:

Create your Unique Value Proposition

It is a basic courtesy to greet our own self every day. But we never ever tried to realize our own values. Most of the time, we tend to depend on someone else’s acknowledgment to accept our own self and this is the most crucial mistake we do every time. Instead of creating our own unique value proposition, we try to mimic other’s style and lose ourselves. This program is designed to unburden yourself from the present state of mind and work on your strengths to align with your inner self.

Wardrobe Check

Your attire is the prelude to your personality. This means, that your dress has triggering effects on your mood. From the color combination to the flow of your dress, it affects your mood and defines your personality. So, this program assists you to know yourself better, your preference for a particular fabric and the possibility of being playful with it. These sessions help you to explore your inner self, flaunt them gracefully in front of the world and transform you into a formidable brand.

Cluster Creation

Cluster creation, which is also known as ‘mix and match’. Everyone loves to shop till the wallet drops. But, fashion or style comes in budget too. You can opt for approximately 6-12 attires and pair it up exclusively for different occasions to create your own style statement. Learn to create clusters out of your existing wardrobe and optimize your collection intelligently.

Color Analysis

How to find the best color for your skin tone? "Color is one of the most important facets when it comes to styling—it's what makes our service unique."

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are few buzzwords as prevalent as "cool colors" and "warm colors". In fact, we’re always hearing that identifying which category we fall into is integral to our overall attractiveness, but finding out what is my undertone is still shrouded in confusion.

There’s no denying that certain colors will make you look better regardless of your skin’s undertone. It's imperative to understand that colors play a significant role in your visual appeal.

Our personal image consulting services suggest you, a combination of colors to be used on your palette, color identification, analysis and final selection to give you a clear perspective on your presence.

Hair, Make-up and Shopping

This session provides you with the insight of your hairdo and make-up for different occasions. It is also important to opt for an attire attuned to the events you are attending. We help you identify your personal style and acclimatize you to the trends. Explore these personalized services that will enhance your persona for a holistic image makeover.

We all know that a little change can bring a big difference in every aspect of life and we all have the right to better living. Our personal image consultant for men and women help you with an intense regime and promises to present a more confident and powerful YOU.

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