Best Image Mantra In 2021 Post Pandemic To Succeed

Best Image Mantra In 2021 Post Pandemic To Succeed


Mantra for Success

In 2021 the best thing to do is change our verbiage and notice the difference it can make on our perspectives. We change many things in life such as homes, cars, bikes, furniture, clothes, style, beliefs, career, faith, attitude and the list is endless. After all life is all about change and people who are ready to change can make a difference.

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”- Bill Clinton

One of the best mantra of success that can give you a different dimension in your life post pandemic is shifting your focus from importance to relevance.

“Important’ is a word extensively used in our conversation. Now let’s replace this word with another word and see the magic. And the word is ‘Relevant’.

Here are some examples:

I’m making an important presentation.

I’m making a relevant presentation.

I’m meeting an important person.

I’m meeting a relevant person.

I have to attend an important meeting today.

I have to attend a relevant meeting today.

I have taken some important decisions.

I have taken some relevant decisions.

I’m planning some important things.

I’m planning some relevant things.

Exercising is important for my overall health.

Exercising is relevant to my overall health.

My Goals are important.

My Goals are relevant.

You are important to me.

You are relevant to me.

I want to die important.

I want to die relevant.


A Paradigm Shift in our mindset is the need of the hour.

When you shift your paradigm from Importance to Relevance, you experience a sense of freedom, as there is less importance given to self and more to others. Make yourself relevant than being important .Because relevance is what the world needs now. People who are inclusive understand the benefits of being relevant.

The focus shifts from Getting Attention to Giving Attention. No longer need you to hold the flag to be the best, on the contrary, you strive to give your best.

Too much self-importance makes you vulnerable to unpredictable situations. While I say this I certainly understand the importance oops the relevance of self-worth, however, we need to know that anything in extravagance is detrimental to mental health and ultimately cascading down to our financial health.

What are the benefits of Moving from Importance to Relevance?

1. People depend on you big time. They take your suggestions and come to you for emotional support and guidance. You emerge as a Leader and become a Role Model for many.
2. The Most Valued Player of the game, that’s what you become when you are relevant. The value proposition that you offer gets attention from all spheres.

3. The journey from a Commodity to being a Brand is covered at an accelerated pace. The swiftness with which you move to the next level is unimaginable.


Stop doing the following things if you want to be Relevant:

False Bravado

Too much pressure, when you have a facade, a deceptive outward appearance. There is a constant struggle to look in a particular way or do things in a specific method to get approval from society.

Some people like to win all the exchanges and arguments. Showing off their wealth or intelligence gives them a superior feeling and divine satisfaction. They are good at degrading others and have an attitude of one-upmanship.

Deep in their hearts, they are too scared, always moving with fragile egos. They use the facade to protect themselves from hurt. Someday, if at all they open up with you, most likely, you would see them crying like babies.

When you are putting on multiple masks, you tend to lose the plot. You suffer from an identity crisis and lose respect and trust. Most often people can see through and find out who you are in real. It also hampers relationships and makes you vulnerable.

One of the best mantra for success in life is to be authentic and that would certainly lead to relevance. Remember the world will accept you willingly if you are clear and transparent.

Comparisons with others

We are not supposed to be blamed for this, we are conditioned from childhood to compare everything around us. We are under constant pressure to be like our class topper or the best girl or boy in the colony.

It is a choice you have, you want to be governed all your life by this habit or you want to break free? People who are trapped in this vicious cycle, suffer until eternity. The life-long battle of being somebody else or better than your contemporaries sucks the relevance out of your existence.

Many of our acquaintances are confined to this pattern, and the best thing is they are seldom aware of it. Awareness is the key and that’s going to be your mantra of success.


They say ‘Ignorance is bliss’, but not in matters of self. When you don’t know yourself enough, you are in deep trouble. I know of a friend, her name is Shobha, she is a bundle of talent. But she is not aware of it. Always surrounded by self-doubt and low self-esteem. Wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes and calls me frantically to share some new ideas, all her excitement stays for a week or so and then everything fizzles out and she goes back to sleep.


Losing Grace

Leaders are those, who know the way and show the way, with grace and elegance.

Maturity is the key to being relevant in your actions. It means having the ability to do things and also the willingness to execute with the right attitude. If you can strike a balance between the two then you exactly know when to lead and when to follow.

This is not confined to only leaders working for big companies alone, it is for everyone it is the mark of a leader. People who show grace under fire and can handle crises are genuinely seen as confident and consistent. And this is the mantra for success in life. Remember when you lose grace you show your importance to the world, but forget relevance.

This 2021, take this leap and overcome your shortfalls. Work on the mantra for success and you will see magnificent results in your personal and professional life.

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