‘How to stand out From the Crowd at Work?’- 6 Cardinal Rules of Thinking

‘How to stand out From the Crowd at Work?’- 6 Cardinal Rules of Thinking

In the corporate world where everyone is competing to win the race, how can you stand out from the crowd?

“Stars do not pull each other down to be more visible; they shine brighter.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

We all want to be unique but don’t know really how?

Our image building tips, have been useful to make a mark in the society.

Well, here’s what I feel you should do:

To stand out from the crowd. Change your internal dialogue.

There is a constant recording that keeps playing all the time in the background. We feed ourselves with all the information that we capture on a daily basis. Based on this good or not so good data, we form beliefs. Our beliefs strengthen when they are validated over time and gain. We act or behave as per what we believe in and that reflects our personality.

A deep analysis of our ingrained beliefs is required to modify our behavior and give us a renewed personality that has the ability to shine and empower others. Our personal development is entirely in our hands.

How to stand out from the crowd professionally and personally?


Look Good Always

Few people look good all the time. Some people look good sometimes. It’s not about looks, it’s all about attitude. When you see a person who looks good, you have a good feeling about meeting them and would like to meet them again.

Instead of thinking:

‘Why do I need to look good all the time?’

Change your dialogue to:

‘Why can’t I look good all the time?’

A comprehensive guide to building a Successful Image

I feel we are all very good-looking people, it doesn't matter where we come from. Because it purely depends on how we see ourselves.

If you think you are good looking then you are and if you think you are not then you probably are not. You have the power to decide and rate your looks and not others. People will go by your confidence.

This confidence will come if you are taking care of yourself both inside and outside. People get attracted to you when they see you taking care of your own self. You are clean, well-groomed, always smiling, well-dressed and approachable. The way you come across really makes a difference.

Dress up for the occasion no matter how you feel inside, no matter what’s happening around you, Just Get up, Dress Up and Show up! Trust me it will change the game.

2. Look Fit – Be Fit and Stay Fit

In order to stand out from the crowd, your visual appearance is of primary relevance. Human memory is photographic. People look with the eyes and into the eyes to make an impression about your overall personality.

Instead of thinking:

Why do I need to exercise?

Change your dialogue to:

How should I exercise?

Treat your Body Well If You want to be Treated Well.

Fitness is the key to your winning image. Just imagine how you would perceive anyone who’s coughing, sneezing with low stamina, bad posture, overweight, and someone who is constantly complaining of ill-health.

Your body is a source through which you perform various activities. When you keep it intact you see a different level of energy all through the day. It rubs on the people you interact with and meet.

Eat adequately. Don’t starve. And don’t go overboard. A well balanced nutritious diet will certainly give you the energy to flow through the day with poise and confidence. However, also add natural supplements to your diet. It will give you the added boost.

3. Read books – Food for thought.

When you are well-read, you automatically stand out from the rest. You exude confidence and people get flown by your charisma.

Instead of thinking:

How can reading help me to be successful?

Change your dialogue to:

What should I read to be successful?

 Powerful lessons of Life

We feed so much to our body, but what about food to our mind and soul. Reading gives you the appetite to sail through rough seas. Knowledge gained from books and other reading material gives you clarity of thoughts. Here’s what you can do. Keep a target of reading three pages every day, slowly increase the number. Personal development is a game changer but it can’t be achieved just by reading few books. Reading needs to be a habit and that’s going to expand your horizon.

4. Be Interested

Man is a social animal, but not all men and women are social. Some of them avoid increasing their social circle and choose to live in their own cocoon. This can invariably reduce the chances of them being noticed in the bargain. Professional development is only possible if you are ready to expand your circle of influence.

Instead of thinking:

‘I don’t like interacting with people, it’s a boring activity.’

Change your dialogue to:

‘People are interesting, I would like to know them more’.

The art of reading Body language and being a Master.

When you begin to observe people, you develop a keen listening ear, to listen to what is said and meant both. You can make your communication strategy when you tend to know them a little better. You will stand out in any situation if you become a person who listens from the heart.

Learn to read and interpret body language. People don’t say everything loud and clear, we need to develop the skills to read between the lines.

5. Change your Tone

Voice is one of the most powerful weapons to make peace and harmony across the globe.

Modulate your voice to suit the emotion. It is said that the fights happen between people not because of the wrong usage of words, but the wrong tone. Tone needs to be relevant to express different feelings. Control your emotions, or else you will destroy the relationship. It’s easy to get angry and upset with others. But it’s important to know what you do after being angry or upset. Just use your emotions intelligently and modulate your tone to balance the discomfort. The professional development of an individual starts with self.

Instead of thinking:

‘This is my standard tone, take it or leave it.’

Change your dialogue to:

‘Is my tone acceptable to everyone?’

 How to modulate your voice to make Heads turn?

When you see others opposing your viewpoint, a soothing tone with a logical explanation can really do the trick. Make your voice your asset to deal with demanding situations and you will see yourself winning with a win-win solution.

6. Being Well-mannered

We all admire people who are classy. When you see poise and sophistication around, you automatically start behaving like them. We become conscious and ensure displaying a well- mannered persona.

Instead of thinking:

‘I don’t care what others think, this is my way.’

Change your dialogue to:

‘I’m sensitive to other’s needs and I don’t intend to offend anyone.’ I like to give respect to others.

 How to build your presence and stand out from the crowd

We learned many good habits in our growing years. We retained some and deleted many from our systems.

Your good habits can give u the desired attention when you need it the most. It can actually bail you out of some complex situations, you wouldn’t have imagined ever. For example: Listening to others without interrupting, pulling up a chair for someone, holding the door for the next person after passing, moving out of the room with permission to receive a call, and so on.

All these image building tips look very trivial but have the power to give you an edge in the social frame with your refined presence and underlying promise.

I would urge you to read the books that are suggested in this article. Our programs are mainly catering to the subject line, How to stand out from the crowd?  We focus on your personal development which cascades to your professional development. The constant endeavor to help others in transforming their image with our image building tips is our primary goal.