Homeschooling -15 Big Remarkable Advantages to Parents and Children

What is Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a system in which parents choose the education at home. History of Homeschooling dates back to 1970 in the United States when a unique movement started. Many parents prefer homeschooling over public schools because they feel that the quality of education and the social environment in the school is of low quality. The reason could vary from parent to parent. They find it safer and convenient. Parents find homeschooling as a flexible, efficient, and more beneficial system of education for their kids. This article explores the advantages of homeschooling which will help parents to understand the nuances of schooling children at home and to decide if that is the best option for them.

Top 15 Benefits of Homeschooling

Flexible Learning Time

You being the parent can decide the required learning time of the child. There is no rush to cover the concept in the stipulated time. No compulsion on studying specific subjects on specific days. The long duration of school is avoided in homeschooling.

Child Can Decide his Own Learning Space

No compulsion of four walls of a classroom or fixed benches for the child. Learning can be at any corner of the house or even the outdoors which makes your child comfortable. It is at your discretion to decide your own space to increase the learning interests of your child.

Freedom to Determine Own Curriculum

You are the best to know and understand the caliber of your child. Based on the child's capacity, a suitable curriculum can be selected. It allows catering to a child’s own interest in learning areas. It also helps you to identify the person to take care of your child’s education; whether one of the parents or a suitable tutor to employ.

The autonomy of Approach and Method Selection

You can decide your own learning approaches and methods best suiting your child. School teachers may have limited approaches and teaching methodology due to the ratio of teacher-students. Homeschooling breaks the limitations of learning methods. The best teaching material can be selected based on the child's need for learning. As a parent, you can choose any method like brain teasers and puzzles to improve your child’s learning. Brain teasers enhance your child’s problem-solving skills. You can get easy and simple ideas of brain teasers at just one click below to get the book.

No Fear of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has both positive and negative impacts on a child's psyche. Homeschooling has a lot of health benefits too. Home learning releases a lot of stress on the child. There is no fear of peer pressure or bullying. Emotional growth occurs very smoothly in the case of some children while in others, it creates hurdles in emotional growth. Home learning releases a lot of stress from the child. The child grows emotionally stronger in-home environment. The mental health benefits of homeschooling can make a child independent and creative.


More Time to Difficult Concepts

The curriculum is always a blend of various subjects and concepts to develop the overall personality of children. Concepts can be lengthy and difficult in terms of understanding and teaching. Homeschooling enables you to give freedom to take as much time as you think required for your child to achieve the learning goals.

No Fear of Frequent Tests

Schools have an annual framework of teaching-learning processes and assessments at regular intervals for every level. In homeschooling, there is no fear of frequent tests and exam schedules in a child's mind.

No Home Assignments

Like traditional schools, there is no stress of getting loads of home assignments in a number of subjects daily in homeschooling. Neither parent nor the child struggles to complete lengthy home works and the child learns at its own pace. One of the best advantage of homeschooling.

Creates Strong Bonding of Parent-Child

Children get the closeness of parents and spend more time in each other’s company. It helps you build good rapport and bonding with your children. Homeschooling benefits the better mental health of the child in a friendly social and cultural atmosphere of learning. The emotional health of children improves the inflexible system of homeschooling. This helps the child to grow into a mature adult. The child gets flexi-time to interact with society. Homeschooling provides ample time for lots of activities that help in maintaining the mento-physical health of the child. This makes the child aware of the talents and capabilities of his own parents. The talents of parents and the child are mutually exchanged on the homeschooling platform to create wonders. As a parent, you would want to develop rational thinking and patience in your child. You get enough space and time to develop the aptitude and cognitive skills of your child. You can even choose games- indoors or outdoors for the same purpose. Carom and Chess are indoor games that may create magic on your child’s mind. Chess also is known as the Royal Game. It can teach your child to set goals and overcome obstacles. You and your child can together play Chess to develop critical and logical thinking. To know the rule of Chess, you can read the EBook, THE RULES OF CHESS. The Rules of Chess is a free book, in electronic format that will teach young and old how to play the “Royal Game”. It is written by one of the great instructors of the modern era, Bruce Pandolfini.

Increases Productivity of Child

Homeschooling supports flexible learning in time schedules and pace bringing a stress-free atmosphere. The child grasps the concepts in a better way. This increases the overall productivity of the child. The test results are comparatively at higher sides in homeschooling than traditional schooling.

Mutual Decision of Holidays

Homeschooling is a hustle-bustle free system of education. It is a free system of education. There is no fixed holiday schedule. Parent and child can decide their holidays anytime. This is one of the biggest advantage of homeschooling. It depends on you to decide the duration and time of the holidays. The child gets more time for field visits and outings.

More Time for Socializing

As a parent when you decide the execution of home learning, you find more scope to provide the required time for socializing. The school has a scheduled duration for every activity. Homeschooling sets the child free to spend time in the meeting, interacting, and knowing the people outside. The child gets more time to participate in social activities to develop his social skills.

Takes Better Care of Special Child

Many children have special needs of physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges. These challenges never mean that they are not talented. All they required is some extra time and attention. Children with special needs may not get the appropriate attention and time in school. One teacher cannot pay attention to children with various needs and capabilities. Homeschooling takes better care of the children with special needs of learning. Children with dyslexia, autism, and suffer from ADD, etc. get the learning time as per their need in homeschooling. Attention, affection and your presence during learning help children to gain confidence and learn the concepts in a better way.

Wonders of Parental Warmth

The child gets warmth from the family environment during his learning. His morale and confidence to learn to remain at higher scales. The child learns at a faster rate in this ambiance of learning. The learning environment plays a vital role in the teaching-learning process. This impacts greatly on the emotional elements of the child. His morale and confidence to learn to remain at higher scales are significantly at their best. Health benefits of homeschooling are numerous.

Improves Socio-emotional Health

Homeschooling benefits the mental health of the child in a friendly social and cultural atmosphere of learning. The emotional health of children improves the inflexible system of homeschooling. This helps the child to grow into a mature adult. The child gets flexi-time to interact with society. Homeschooling provides ample time for lots of activities that help in maintaining the mento-physical health of your child. One Question a Day: A five-year Journal: A personal time capsule of Questions and Answers. This journal makes it easy for children to develop a habit of introspecting and creating self-awareness from a young age.

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day” - O.A Battista

It’s your dream to provide the best education to your kids. You must evaluate all the available options before reaching any conclusion. As every coin has two sides, homeschooling also has its pros and cons. No system of education is bad, it will be a parent’s call to decide what suits their children.

Does this information on Benefits of Homeschooling help you in taking your best decision?

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