How to Improve your Professional writing skills to grow in business?

How to Improve your Professional writing skills to grow in business


Dr. Mayank always dreamed of his own hospital and health care center in which he can dedicatedly serve his patients. He wanted to set up modern equipment to treat all types of patients. After 10 years of his practice, he started planning for his own dream hospital. He encountered his first problem while preparing business proposals. He never thought that business proposals, presentations are different from academic research and scientific proposals. He was never serious to improve his Grammar and writing skills. Being a focused person to achieve his dreams, Dr. Mayank started working on his writing skills. He did not want to rely on and waste a big chunk of his financial resources in outsourcing the agencies for making his business plans and proposals.

This is not just a story of one Dr. Mayank. There are a number of such Dr. Mayank’s who want to be entrepreneurs. No medical college teaches or coaches the students on how to improve English writing skills.

As a matter of fact, every doctor and medical practitioner whether practicing as a private practitioner or associated with any hospital or nursing home is exposed to the business.


Do you want to be a successful Doctorpreneur?

If your answer is yes, effective Grammar and writing skill is the basic requirement. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, neither there is a dearth of medical practitioners nor a scarcity of health centers. Marketing is crucial for any industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Whether you are a big hospital or private practitioner, creating and implementing an effective marketing plan will help to attract new patients, retain the existing ones, and maintain relationships with your staff and patients.

Effective Grammar and writing skills are the need of the hour. Your spoken English may be excellent but if you do not possess effective writing skills with grammatical perfectness, you may have to hire people for writing even four lines of your business plans. That will be a waste of your time and money. How to improve English writing Skills is a question that needs to be addressed.

If you write a business letter that is grammatically imperfect and reflects a smug tone, you alienate potential clients.

Grammar, syntax, and punctuation are the GSP of written communication. It may build or destroy your relations with your patients and clients.


Do You Want to Stay Connected Always with Your Patients?

As a doctor, you would always like to be in touch with your patients even after they get a healthy recovery. Your patients will feel good about it. By doing this, you achieve two goals. First, you gain the confidence of your patients. Secondly, you achieve marketing strategy, your patients will always remember you and come to you whenever they are unwell. This can also give you referral patients.


Do You Want to Prevent Errors in Your Medical Reports and Prescriptions?

The more meaningful you make the medical reports and prescriptions of your patients, the less likely it is that you will have medical errors. As a smart medical practitioner, it is a good idea to check all the reports before handing over it to your patients. By doing this, you avoid all sorts of complications. If you pay attention to grammatical flaws, you take a step forward in establishing your credibility.


Do You Want Someone Who can always Help You in your Professional Writing Skills?

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Grammarly can detect potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, tone, and style mistakes in writing. It flashes suggestions in the text, and context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and plagiarism. It is available as a web or desktop editor, for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Grammarly is one of the best resources to improve English writing skills.


Do You Want to Provide Flawless Reports to Your Patients?

If you are sharing electronically and computer-generated medical reports to the patients, it must be flawless. Your professional writing must be understandable creating no confusion about your diagnosis. Its meaning should be well interpreted. Grammarly will be a part of everything you write and it enhances your professional writing skills.


Why Grammarly?

If you are looking at answers to improve English writing skills and enhance your professional writing skills then Grammarly is the right app for you.

Great writing with good grammar will present you as reliable and trustworthy.

Grammarly ensures you’re writing not only understandable but also helps you to make the right impression on your medical clients. The handy app will suggest where you need to make changes so your work reads in your chosen tone.

Grammarly will help you to make your messages and documents error-free and impactful. It makes writing more understandable to make the right impression based on your audience and goals.

Grammarly offers you grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection. It provides suggestions about writing clarity, conclusion, vocabulary, delivery style, and tone.


Then...Why Wait???


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