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  • Are you a mid to senior-level executive struggling to make an impact?
  • Are you taken aback by the way people respond to you?
  • Do you have a hard time trusting others and being trusted?
  • Didn’t you know that your non-verbal communication is more powerful than your words?

If Yes,
Welcome to Personality and Image Building Mastery

Our 6-week-long Personality and Image Building Mastery module is designed to lay a strong foundation for your personality and enhance your image, which will Fastrack your growth to the next position you have in mind.

Most Indian employees believe upskilling is necessary to stay on the job. In a recent survey, 82% of Indian professionals agree that a college education has not equipped them with the skills needed to succeed in the current job market, and 84% feel that the skills are changing so rapidly that their current knowledge is becoming obsolete.

Remember ‘What has got you here, won’t get you where you aspire to reach.’ Hence, it’s imperative to engage your energies in cultivating and building a distinct personality and an image that is relevant and sustainable. To unearth the latent talent and unleash your inherent potential, it’s essential to constantly upgrade your skill sets to remain in the game.

The journey could get fairly simple when you work on your self-confidence, raise your self-esteem, and strive towards generating self-awareness and your overall personal development.

Here’s what you will learn from our Personality and Image-Building Mastery module; the first step to moving from Leaders to Masters

You Will:

  1. Be Able To Build A Strong Foundation That Will Showcase Your Personality And Give You Outstanding Results
  2. Learn To Make The Best Impressions That Has A Lasting Impact On Your Stakeholders
  3. Become A Magnet That Will Attract Desired Attention

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Every Next Level Of Your Life Will Demand A Different You

How will you benefit from this course?

This comprehensive personality development and image-building module is designed keeping in mind the changing trends in the economic and social scenes across the globe. This course will help you build a strong foundation so that you can confidently step into the world of competition and chaos. That’s precisely what the current scenario is …isn’t it? If you apply the principles we will discuss throughout this course, you will certainly win against all odds despite challenges and obstacles.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Well, most of us believe that it's the same, isn’t it? The fact is that one is a subset of the other. Let’s understand this deeper in this personality development training module because this would lay a stable foundation to build your Image.
  • People say you have a good personality if they like you. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, but it isn’t limited to looks. Your Personality is You; how you feel, think, and behave. You should strengthen your personality, not just for others’ approval. This module gives you immense clarity on the missing links you need to work on and get started.
  • Grooming happens at two levels – physical and mental. You need to strike a proper balance between the two. This personality development program is designed to prepare you for making your dynamic personality do the talking.
  • Our self-image is our inner voice and conditioning that works in favor of or against us. In this module, you will learn the techniques to reprogram your self-talk and observe magical results to rebuild a power-packed personality.
  • We have been asked to set goals and monitor them but believing in the process is not easy for everyone. However, would you go for it if you get some really good incentives to do so?
    Let’s shift the paradigm in the way you do things from now onwards and surprise yourself and others.
    In today's fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive environment, meeting the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities requires a strategy designed to meet individual needs. It’s crucial to set goals and create a roadmap to achieve them within a stipulated time.
  • It’s not so difficult to understand power. Even a toddler these days understands that pretty well. However, to gain prominence, there is a process, and you need to work towards it. In this module, our certified image consultant shall empower you with certain skills to enhance the powers that can elevate you to the next level.
  • Being comfortable is not such a bad thing, it all depends on where you are and where you want to go. If you have a goal in mind and you find yourself stuck, this module will undoubtedly lift your spirits and show you a world of possibilities that you haven’t seen before.
  • There are many people in this world, who are charming and have a spotless image but are still unsuccessful. There are chances that you may possess a charismatic personality and still need to make it to the top. The Personality and Image Building Mastery would touch upon different aspects of your nature and the process of aligning your image to the brand U.
  • Self-esteem is your self-worth in your own eyes. Self-awareness is the key to raising your self-confidence. This module will highlight the areas in which you need to be aware of yourself which can help you gain respect and self-pride.
  • Our value is determined by our actions and our ability to take risks. We help you identify your value and then give you a roadmap to gradually increase your value by taking necessary action in your journey.
  • Is this possible? If yes, then How? Let’s find out some interesting ways to do so. You will not only be able to change the perceptions for the better but also gain visibility in the right direction.
  • An interesting fact about our body language is we can’t hear and see our body language. We make judgments about other people’s gestures, expressions, eyes & hand movements, however, we are blind to the messages we give others.
    Have you ever been in a situation when you didn't believe what someone was saying? Did you have a sense that something didn't ring true or a gut feeling that all was not right? Maybe yes maybe no. The difference between the words people speak and our understanding of what they are saying comes from non-verbal communication, otherwise known as "Body Language."
    In many instances, what comes out of your mouth and what you communicate through your body language are two different things. What you communicate through your body language affects how others see you, how well they like and respect you, and whether or not they trust you. Unfortunately, many people send confusing or negative body language signals without even knowing it. When this happens, both connection and trust are damaged.
    Body language is an integral module of our Personality and Image Building Mastery. We will ensure that through learning body language skills, you can connect with people, improve your presence, open up your world and prevent conflicts at work and in life.
  • A voice that can heal, a voice that can build trust, a voice that can give hope, and a voice that can spread peace and harmony.
    Your Voice is one of the first impressions you make when you meet someone; it can be the last impression. It defines you from afar, distinguishes you from others, and often reveals how you feel in a given situation.
    Your Voice has incredible power and ability to convey meaning and emotion, yet most of us use only a small part of that power. Your Voice has the power to change the situation. As we say the majority of the fights in this world happen with the wrong use of tone. So is your voice capable of diffusing the situation or fanning the flames?
    Tone, pitch, enunciation, and articulation play a very important role in modulating the voice. Explore the various aspects of speaking by understanding the art of voice modulation. Find out how a powerful voice can highlight your personality in this course and complement your professional image. Our Executive Coach would share with you the different techniques to modulate your voice for effective communication.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Upon registration, the entire course will be made available for viewing. Please watch the videos, learn the concepts, and follow the instructions after learning from each video. Make notes while you are learning, as retention becomes more effortless. Don't worry, you have access to the course for 365 days from the date of course purchase. You can watch the videos as often as you like during this period.
  • The Personality & Image-Building Mastery program follows a hybrid model, which means once a week for the next 6+ weeks coach Parveen Gandhi and Dr. Iqbal Thaker would be conducting live group sessions to answer queries and interact with the learners who have enrolled for this course.
  • Our course is open for enrollment at a discounted price for a limited period. Prices will be revised upwards very soon.
  • The Leaders to Masters series is for you if you want to master the art of leadership and move from ordinary to extraordinary. You could be a senior corporate executive, a self-employed professional, an entrepreneur, a coach, a trainer a consultant, or anyone in the public domain wanting to up the ante and break the glass ceiling.
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  • Once the course is purchased, you get access to the course for 365 days. Once the course purchase is successful, the entire content is made available instantly. During this period, you can watch the course anytime, anywhere you like. Just log into your account and start watching.
  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us for a refund within 48 hours of purchase and we will be happy to refund 100% of the purchase price.
  • Yes, all enrolled learners get a course completion certificate upon successful completion of the course.
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