Build the Brand U

Training workshop for senior executives to sensitize them to Image and Brand building

Building a recognizable personal brand opens enormous opportunities, gives recognition, garners respect, and increases goodwill and reputation. This workshop shows you the ways to start building an awesome personal brand and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Workshop Highlights:

  • To understand why personal branding is essential for working professionals and how it can impact internal and external perceptions.
  • To build awareness with inputs on shaping Personality and Image building
  • To learn the process of building a brand and ways to accelerate for better prospects in the future.
  • To align the personal brand with the company's brand for better representation and recognition

Broadening Your Horizon

Training workshop for senior executives to develop personal effectiveness and manage Teams

High-Performance Teams create cultures of caring, connection, commitment, collaboration, and clear consistent communication.

Workshop Highlights:

  • To know Self and Others
  • To learn how to develop and manage effective teams
  • To sharpen soft skills and understand the power of non-verbal communication.
  • To Walk the Talk and be a role model to other team members.
  • To motivate individuals to contribute substantially and practice a Win-Win Attitude.

Leader - The Trendsetter

Training workshop for senior executives to develop leadership skills
Leaders don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. They lead by going to that place and making a case. That's how they set trends!

Workshop Highlights:

  • To learn how to diagnose the developmental levels of teams, based on Competency and Commitment, and how to select the appropriate leadership style
  • To help Leaders understand focus areas in people development
  • To enable Leaders to become more effective in their communication and presentation skills
  • To enhance Leadership communication - ‘Tone is the Message’
  • To understand the significance of setting trends that can lift the Image of the Leaders and increase brand value

Women With An Edge

Training workshop for promoting Women’s Leadership and creating an empowered community of Women Leaders

Growth and Comfort do not coexist. Today, women are ready to take on things they have never done before. Vulnerability proves to be their greatest asset. As no one knows everything.

Workshop Highlights:

  • To enable women Leaders to discover and rediscover their true potential
  • To help them build confidence and gain prominence in the workplace
  • To empower them to make tough decisions and give them a roadmap to execute.

Group Training Workshops for Corporates are customized to evoke awareness and enhance learning